Inspiration and Current Projects!

Stop Motion Video

This semester (my final Fall Semester at MSU, I might add) I’m taking a class on Time and Motion Design. The class intrigued me because I had no idea just what that meant. Turns out it’s about time and motion in design. Huh. But more to get more in depth, the class is learning a

The Resume is Here!

It’s been a long summer folks. Let’s hope my lack of blog updates proves to you just how busy and productive I have been all summer. Seriously, though, I think I was actually RELIEVED to see the start of Fall Semester. But more on this upcoming semester later… My resume has been uploaded and ready

Summertime at the SNEWS

Hey folks! It’s been a while since I’ve updated. but I’ve had so many projects I had to sacrifice a bit of blogging time to keep up. Now, it’s the summer and things are calm, fresh, and cool. I’m working here at the State News for the summer. It’s quiet and dead most of the

2012 Undergrad Exhibit

In March of every year the air is a twitter with art students finishing and refining their sculptures, drawings, videos, photos…you name it. There’s a bustle in the building that makes you realize there’s a deadline nearing. I kind of love this feeling. All of my classmates, sophomore year and up, all have a chance

Handsome! Handmades Logos

A ton of stuff has been happening in the past week. A whole lot of running around getting things printed, matting other works and submitting them to the Undergrad exhibit here at MSU. I’m pleased to say I have three pieces in the show! But that’s another blog post. This post is dedicated to the

New Book!

Today was a beautiful day here in Lansing so I shoved myself and Nic out the door and went downtown. We stopped at a few shops. I bought some records to supplement our growing vinyl collection. I’m thinking thirty bucks out of my paycheck every other week and I’ll be quite proud of my selection

Happy Feet

Just thought this was one of the coolest things I’ve ever shot with an iPhone. You can really maneuver the lens to capture anything you want at all. So in this instance, I captured my post-shower boyfriend dancing to a remix of Relax by Powerman 5000, which is off the Zoolander soundtrack, I believe. I

Handsome! Handmades Mood Board

Here’s a little project I’m working on currently in my Corporate Imagery class here at MSU. Corporate Imagery, taught by Rebecca Tegtmeyer, has mostly been about branding and kinetic systems. Our last project was creating a kinetic system for an inaugural exhibit for the new Eli and Edythe Broad Museum. If you would like to

Website Update 2/26/12

The website is coming along quite nicely! I can proudly say it looks more like a website than it did after a full days work and that is something special. My Portfolio is finished and my Bio is up for your reading pleasure! I’ll be making a few more tweaks as the week goes on,

My Blog!

Welcome to my blog! This will be the right place to look for updates, photos and videos of projects I am currently working on. Keep a look out for my processes and inspiration!