Inspiration and Current Projects!

Dear Recent MSU Graduate,

This is a letter I’ve written to myself. First off, congratulations! You’ve worked four long years doing everything you can to learn everything you can. You spent so much of your free time (okay, sleep time) to become something to make yourself proud of. That’s all we do it for. And you should be proud.

50/50 Vision

A plea: Please bring back 50’s fashion.  I’ve been watching tons of classic movies. It all started with the cult favorite Valley of the Dolls and now I’m on to How to Marry a Millionaire. Classic Hollywood movies are gorgeous and ain’t too bad when you consider I see the Hollywood sign every day on


I’ve been working on a project based around this show coming to the Ahmanson Theatre next summer. Please enjoy this video from the wonderful new musical Matilda. I have multiple times today, and I can’t seem to stop listening to the soundtrack. This is my favorite song, “Quiet”. Have you ever wondered–well I have about

Top 3 Things I Learned at Creative Conversations: Curate Your Career

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending one of the most (if not THE most) useful creative conference I have ever been to. Creative Conversations is done twice annually through a group called Emerging Arts Leaders/LA. This group is essentially a diverse volunteer group for amazing young people in the arts looking for resources

My Desktop, 1.0

I’ve been getting busy working on a few projects. Above is just a taste of some website graphics I’m doing for a fashion website. Soon after the graphics are done, hopefully I’ll be beefing up their social media presence to get more hits to their web page. Not to mention a motion graphic for their

Words to Live By

I found this amazing little quote today by Ira Glass turned into a kinetic word video by David Shiyang Liu about what it’s like starting out in creative work. IT’S HARD. That’s the main point. But we do it because we love it. Very inspiring words to hear in such a transitional moment for me.

One Trip to Rule Them All…

  I haven’t posted for ten days, but it wasn’t for laziness. On Saturday of last week, I started my big move to Los Angeles, California. Keep in mind folks, before this trip, the furthest west I’ve ever been was Chicago. Most of my home country was unexplored by myself and we were spending five

AIGA MSU Portfolio Day

This year, MSU was able to host the annual AIGA Detroit Portfolio Day. Our student group facilitated and designed the whole she-bang. We also come up with the Safari theme. As media coordinator, I was specifically in charge of the Facebook event and created a hashtag for our event, #AIGASafariMSU. Check out this video to

Life Beyond EL

Well, folks, it looks like I have graduated! This May I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design at Michigan State University. Not having any classes has opened the door for ultimate slacking…which I haven’t been doing. As a matter of fact, I’ve been working on a project for MSU’s MID-SURE program. MID-SURE,

Link of the Week

In an effort to motivate myself to not only post more blogs, but also to be looking at more design work–the Link of the Week was born! Today, we have an awesome animation studio from London called Animade. They’re website has some of their work and a wonderful blog all about animation. I’ve been looking

Green Day’s New Album!

Alright, if any of you reading this don’t already know, Green Day is by far my favorite band. Not saying ever, because there are tons of other bands that I like just as much, but Green Day is the only band I really follow and get geeked about. Like how I get geeked about Harry


This year is going to be very busy. In my last year, I wanted to get involved as much as possible. So I did! I reached out and found some great student groups on campus that are really going to be fun and intense once the semester gets going. First, I joined the AIGA Student