About Me.

I am a Los Angeles-based graphic designer and content creator looking to make a difference in the world.

Contemporary art and theatre was my introduction to the creative world. Every piece was as nuanced and unique as the artist behind it. Theatre gave me the tools to step into the lives of perfect strangers. Art gave my imagination and I an outlet to not only create something fun and beautiful, but also to understand the human being behind it.

Graphic Designer = Problem Solver

Through my studies at Michigan State University, my problem-solving brain found peace. Beyond finding the delight in creating something I liked looking at, practicing graphic design also had an unexpected symptom: the satisfaction of solving a problem. With each new challenge as unique as the last, experience granted me a variety of skills in print, digital design, and even marketing strategy. My wide range of skills gives me the flexibility to assess each project and provide each unique challenge with the solution it needs.

Branding and identity is human.

Like artists, each company or organization has its own voice. Similarly to humans, an organization's uniqueness is what attracts people to it. An organization can be a mentor or even a best friend! My strategy gives the organization a voice, a story, and most importantly, a personality, through audience research, persona development, and group brainstorming.

F is for friends who do stuff together...

I like to have fun! More importantly, I like to spread around the fun. Collaborative environments really help me stretch my critical mind. Peer critique is a huge part of my process. Having others provide new ideas not only keeps me in a state of constant learning, it also reminds me just how much others truly care about their cause and how they share my passion to create. Strong connections are created from trust and respect, both of which are essential to the collaborative creative relationship.

Making a difference in even one person's life is very important to me. I am happiest working together with others to create something that will change lives. As graphic design becomes more and more invested in making the world a better place, treasuring my understanding and acceptance of a nuanced humanity and my passion for helping find fun and happiness in life becomes easier and easier. Let's go!