I've been working on a project based around this show coming to the Ahmanson Theatre next summer. Please enjoy this video from the wonderful new musical Matilda. I have multiple times today, and I can't seem to stop listening to the soundtrack. This is my favorite song, "Quiet".

Have you ever wondered--well I have
about how when I say, say RED, for example
there's no way of knowing if RED
means the same thing in your head
as RED means in my head
when someone says RED?

and how if we are traveling
at almost the speed of LIGHT
and we're holding a LIGHT
that LIGHT would still travel away from us
at the full speed of LIGHT?
which seems right in a way..

But I'm trying to say--I'm not sure...
but I'm wondering inside my head
I'm not just a bit DIFFERENT from some of my friends...
These answers that come into my mind UNBIDDEN...
These stories delivered to me fully written...

and when everyone SHOUTS--they seem to like SHOUTING--
the noise in my head is incredibly LOUD,
and I just wish they'd STOP, my dad and my mum,
and the telly and stories would STOP just for once.

I'm sorry--I'm not quite explaining it right,
but this noise becomes ANGER, and the anger is LIGHT
and its BURNING inside me would usually fades


and the HEAT and the SHOUTING
and my heart is POUNDING, and my eyes are BURNING
and suddenly everything




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