Words to Live By

I found this amazing little quote today by Ira Glass turned into a kinetic word video by David Shiyang Liu about what it's like starting out in creative work. IT'S HARD. That's the main point. But we do it because we love it.

Very inspiring words to hear in such a transitional moment for me. Since my move out to Los Angeles I've been focusing a lot on LIVING and not so much on CREATING which is my first mistake and the first thing to fix. So, I enrolled in a free online course through Aquent Gymnastics "Coding for Designers". That's where I found the quote.

I'm really excited for this course. I've already done the first lesson and I'm learning so much already. Being mostly a print designers, it feels like I know little about the web design world but in reality all the big stuff is the same: visual design concepts, attention to detail...the little things make all the difference. There's another quote from "United States of Tara" where one of the characters in a truly Diablo Cody style of speaking says: "It's the 'deets' that make all the 'diff'." Seems to work here.



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