One Trip to Rule Them All…


I haven't posted for ten days, but it wasn't for laziness. On Saturday of last week, I started my big move to Los Angeles, California. Keep in mind folks, before this trip, the furthest west I've ever been was Chicago. Most of my home country was unexplored by myself and we were spending five days driving across it.

We packed up our new Chevy Malibu with everything we had and started driving at 10 PM Saturday night. We drove through the night, all 17 hours before we made it to Denver, Colorado. We made a couple of pit stops. At the Mississippi River to drop my Papa's ashes into it (he loved Mark Twain). At a diner called Lucy's Place in Colorado in literally the middle of nowhere. And numerous fill-ups along the way.

The next morning we took a short detour and drove North to the Rocky Mountain National Park. We planned on spending a couple hours there at most but we ended up spending most of the day there. It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. We stopped just inside the entrance at a place called Sheep Lake where the Bighorn migrate to feed on the minerals in the mud. We saw elk grazing and walked up a hill to see one of the biggest mountain streams I have ever seen. We then took Trail Ridge Rd up to the top of Long's Peak. The road reached over 12,000 feet above sea level. Some of the roads literally ended at the yellow line on the side. No shoulders. I was slightly terrified.

We continued driving through the second half of Colorado. The best part of these states is you don't need to visit a national park to see some beautiful scenes. The highway drives right through them.

Utah mountains are a little different than the Colorado ones. They're bare and thick and red and hot and crumbly. Even the way they are layered, showing every era they've lived beneath their crust is different. I loved driving through the desert and seeing the purple rocks way in the distance. There were some stretches where there was nothing for about 100 miles.

This is the sixth day we've been in Los Angeles and I'm loving every minute of it! I feel welcome and excited to see everything at once. We've made some great friends. I've been to a comedy show every night and seen some famous comics already. This Thursday we're going to see Craig Ferguson. He's my favorite late night host. Besides Conan but we're gonna see him at some point too.

I've been spending my time looking for apartments and jobs and having some decent luck finding both. It's only the sixth day, but I'm eager to get our real life started here.

Enjoy the photos! More news to come.


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