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Well, folks, it looks like I have graduated!

This May I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design at Michigan State University. Not having any classes has opened the door for ultimate slacking...which I haven't been doing. As a matter of fact, I've been working on a project for MSU's MID-SURE program. MID-SURE, in a nutshell, is a event in July for students to show off their summer research. Most of the topics fall under more precise sciences, so the arts are not included (they come into play at UURAF). AIGA did the cover for UURAF last fall and this is the same client.

After a few people dropped out, I was in charge of coming up with three different flavors for the cover. The first option is a collage of images meant to look Rorshachian. This one was also my first idea, based around the discovery of science. I wanted the cover to be exciting, to show the chaotic yet defined process of research.

The second option was a direct response to the first. I wanted to go in a completely different direction. I used illustration to contrast the photocollage. This option shows the classified and catalogued part of research. Everything has it's own place that it can fall into and make something rather beautiful. There is beauty in chaos, but there's beauty in organization as well. Just look at Things Organized Neatly. Seriously, though, if you're like me you'll spend hours on this site

The third option is simply a typographic solution for the cover. The same client chose a typographic cover for UURAF so I threw this in just in case. If it gets picked, I'm going to add some sort of pattern to the background to break up the color.

These are finished, and now I'm waiting to hear from the client to see which one they like the best, then it's on to making changes. For now, I'm going to sit on my gazebo, read a book, and relax in the summer air.


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