Green Day’s New Album!

Alright, if any of you reading this don't already know, Green Day is by far my favorite band. Not saying ever, because there are tons of other bands that I like just as much, but Green Day is the only band I really follow and get geeked about. Like how I get geeked about Harry Potter.

I started listening to them in 2005 when I was in eighth grade. American Idiot had just come out and as cliche and stupid as it sounds, it changed my life. Music became SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT because that album was so amazing. I got to see them in concert that year and that's the only time I've seen them. They are amazing live. They never stop putting on their show. I've never seen a live act like them.

Anyways, this album is really amazing. It's moved away from the epic rock opera's of American Idiot and 21sr Century Breakdown and back to the days of Nimrod (my favorite album). It reminds me so much of the good days of high school. Sometimes I get so bogged down in college with where I'm going, my future and how I need to get there, and just sitting and listening to this album reminded me to get a little crazy once in a while.

So, in conclusion, I'll probably be playing this on a loop until the other two CD's of the trilogy come out (yes, there's two more).


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