This year is going to be very busy. In my last year, I wanted to get involved as much as possible. So I did! I reached out and found some great student groups on campus that are really going to be fun and intense once the semester gets going.

First, I joined the AIGA Student Group this year. Over the years, I've been able to attend the first couple of meetings but I've never been able to continue due to the meeting times changing. Last year, I started paying for a membership with AIGA, which is totally worth it. The job postings alone are worth the price of admissions.

This year, I am actually part of the E-Board of our student group: the media coordinator. I'm in charge of posting things to the private Facebook group, as well as creator and maintainer of the Facebook Page as well. We are currently working on building the AIGA MSU Student Group WordPress. We started sketching logos and ideas for the page, and I will be translating those into the WordPress Blog. I'm really excited for this opportunity because I really like working with social networks and creating a voice for a group or brand. It's one of the parts of design that always keeps my interests.

I'm also a part of this years AAF, American Advertising Federation! This is really exciting because I was chosen out of a group of interviewees to be a part of the creative team! MSU AAF is part of a nation-wide competition, where we compete against other groups with our campaign strategy for a client. We will have to do research, brainstorm different options for reaching the audience, and presenting our final solutions.

We meet once a week. Last week, we split into groups and brainstormed some poster and flyer ideas for a Speed-Networking event for MSU. Tonight, I'm going to a BBQ at the president's house. Not for work, just for fun! It's a great group of people and I'm super excited to be involved.

It's gonna be a great year. I'll make sure to post updates when more things start happening.



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