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This semester (my final Fall Semester at MSU, I might add) I'm taking a class on Time and Motion Design. The class intrigued me because I had no idea just what that meant. Turns out it's about time and motion in design. Huh. But more to get more in depth, the class is learning a little bit about creating a moving piece of design--like a stop motion film.

Our first project was to create a short, one-minute stop action video using a task that a Freshmen coming to MSU should really know how to perform. We could do anything we wished--animation, photos, claymation. Anything, as long as it involved taking a ton of pictures.

For my task, I chose "How to Get Jimmy John's", a staple in the young Spartan's life. For this video, I chose to use photos with real people and incorporate type into the pictures. I used my new Rebel T1i SLR Camera for the photos, and the music is "241" by Reel Big Fish. The video was edited in After Effects.

The process was a lot of fun! We brainstormed 10 images for our task. In my original concept, I wanted the person to GO to Jimmy John's and order his sandwich there, but after taking some of my ten inspirational photos there, it was clear they didn't appreciate photo-taking near their store. I wasn't able to take photos inside the store either. Plus, in my opinion, a lot of students don't really go to the store to order. It's mostly a delivery place, so it didn't make much sense for that to be included in the final.

The finished product is very much what I was hoping it would be. The music, the characters, and the type are fun--kind of in the same vein as Jimmy John's personality is (i.e, "Mama Approved"). I was extremely lucky to have the person who ACTUALLY delivered the sandwich be one of my good friends, so we got to shoot him giving a gigantic hug.

If you'd like to see more videos from my class or just follow our class's semester, we have a Ning account set up!


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