2012 Undergrad Exhibit

In March of every year the air is a twitter with art students finishing and refining their sculptures, drawings, videos, photos...you name it. There's a bustle in the building that makes you realize there's a deadline nearing. I kind of love this feeling.

All of my classmates, sophomore year and up, all have a chance to submit recent work to the Undergrad Exhibit here in the Kresge Art Building on campus. We're able to submit four pieces in each discipline. Apparently, this year over 600 pieces were submitted to the juror to be chosen and put into the show...I wish I could find an article online for you, but alas there is none. I'll keep a look out though.

I submitted five works, three of which got in! These are actually the pieces I got in.

(I apologize for the quality. My really good camera broke right before the show so iPhone photos were my option. Always seems to happen before a show...but I digress...)

The first piece here is a drawing/assemblage piece I affectionately call "In Space, No One Can Hear That Dinner's Ready". This was submitted from the Experimental Drawing class I'm taking with Michelle Word. In this project, we worked a lot with transfers and collage. A lot of the transfers seen here were done by xylene, which is a noxious, nasty chemical....but we do what we must. The inspiration came from a trip to our local used book shop, The Curious Book Shop, where I bought several wonderful books: a lot of cheesy, pulp science fiction novels and some jello cookbooks. And that's the moment of inspiration: when these science fiction novels were the most popular, the women portrayed on the covers were COMPLETELY different from the women in workaday life. Not to mention they were all future-philes. Just take a look at the kitschy, atomic designs of the kitchen. Almost every piece of this made me laugh, and that's how I like it. I'm glad this got in!

The other two things I got into the show were a type of printmaking process called "collographs". For the most part, the process is fairly simple. First you create the plate by pasting textured items on a hard matteboard. The next steps is to paint directly on the plate and run it through the press. Then, you put the ink on, which is super goopy, but fun. I mix up the ink: 2/3 black, 1/3 blue. Then you run that through the press and VOILA! If you want more of an explanation on what the process of collographs includes check this out: Collographs.

The second one (and also the featured image here) is titled "The Jungle". It was inspired by the novel by Upton Sinclair about the meat industry. Thus, the industrial forms of the blocks and the gritty spots of ink placed against a luminescent background. I also think the piece has some exotic undertones to it that strengthen the "jungle" theme.

The last one doesn't have a title and I suppose it's because I feel it sort of speaks for itself. I have been really interested in space scenes, so I decided I do a little bit of that. I threw in a seemingly omnipotent being, who also happens to seem feminine. Just a fun piece and I'm really excited both these prints got in!

The show is really impressive and I'm super honored to have gotten a couple works in the show! Yay, hard work!



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