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A ton of stuff has been happening in the past week. A whole lot of running around getting things printed, matting other works and submitting them to the Undergrad exhibit here at MSU. I'm pleased to say I have three pieces in the show! But that's another blog post.

This post is dedicated to the next stage in my branding project. Here's a little exposition: our group created a store in the East Lansing community called "Handsome! Handmades" dedicated to providing the community with alternative consumer behaviors and options, such as natural clothing (made in the store) and promoting local farmers and products. It's (regrettably) fake. For a more in depth explanation of the project and our store and also a little more insight in my concept for the design of the store, check out my previous blog post: Handsome! Handmades Mood Board

Our next step was to start creating an identity! The logos above are the beginnings of a brand new logo. After many sketches and many more refined sketches, I narrowed it down to these two different ways to go. When I first started sketching, I would scan them in to the computer and Live Paint them in Illustrator. Preserving the handmade feel of the type was important so I could convey the importance of handmade crafts and lifestyle of our store. Also, the idea behind these logos is they should be used as a series, applying to the different needs and services of the store (such as the carrot is a logo that promotes local foods...).

The first group of logos was inspired by sticker art, hence the typical circular shape. The way I look at the shape, particularly the black and white image without the objects, it feels to me like a banner of activism reaching across the globe. Although the globe is not rendered, the circle feels very Earthy. The banner also reminds me of marching for a cause, taking action, and believing so strongly in something that you're okay with the whole world knowing. The objects in the center are rendered in a way that makes them appear hand-painted and bringing color into the logo gives the circle a background.

The second group of logos started with me sketching out the name in block letters and being held by a hand. This first sketch turned into a part of a series of logos. The hand becomes a symbol of our store's activist agenda. I started to experiment with the series and created the orange graphic. I wanted each one of the logos in this series to show a kind of "powerful" force, so I opted for bright colors. Also, with the orange graphic, the juice reminds me of an orange being squeezed which has an automatic visual link to a hand. I like this group of graphics because of the visual ties to the hand.

At this stage, I'm currently working the most with the first group: refining it and creating more examples for the series. I think the black and white graphic without the series applied is much more interesting than the second group's mere hand drawn type. I'm really trying to define the type better on the banner as well because the letterforms are a little wonky, especially the "d". The letters need some breathing room, too, honestly. Other than that, I'd like to focus on getting the objects, such as the carrot and needle, in a certain style. I'm not sure the brush strokes work. So I think I'm going to try something a little more graphic, not so layered.

A lot of work to still be done, but I'll keep you updated!


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