New Book!

Today was a beautiful day here in Lansing so I shoved myself and Nic out the door and went downtown. We stopped at a few shops. I bought some records to supplement our growing vinyl collection. I'm thinking thirty bucks out of my paycheck every other week and I'll be quite proud of my selection in no time.

We decided to find the nearest Barnes and Noble, too. Since the one downtown closed, we had to drive about fifteen minutes to get to it. But it was in the mall so the Auntie Anne's pizza pretzel made up for it.

I perused the design books and found this gem: "Handmade Graphics: Tools and Techniques Beyond the Mouse" by Anna Wray. It's got all sorts of neat designers who generally work right on the paper and then scan it in to Illustrator. There's also a few tutorials on some interesting techniques, such as hand-drawn typefaces and spray-painted murals a la Matt Sewell.

I flipped through a few pages, but I haven't really studied the inside yet, so I'm excited to see more. As for the content, I highly recommend checking this book out and trying to do some handmades yourself!



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