Current Projects

My Desktop, 1.0

I've been getting busy working on a few projects. Above is just a taste of some website graphics I'm doing for a fashion website. Soon

AIGA MSU Portfolio Day

This year, MSU was able to host the annual AIGA Detroit Portfolio Day. Our student group facilitated and designed the whole she-bang. We also come

Life Beyond EL


This year is going to be very busy. In my last year, I wanted to get involved as much as possible. So I did! I

Stop Motion Video

This semester (my final Fall Semester at MSU, I might add) I'm taking a class on Time and Motion Design. The class intrigued me because

Handsome! Handmades Logos

A ton of stuff has been happening in the past week. A whole lot of running around getting things printed, matting other works and submitting

Handsome! Handmades Mood Board

Here's a little project I'm working on currently in my Corporate Imagery class here at MSU. Corporate Imagery, taught by Rebecca Tegtmeyer, has mostly been